What Every Homeowner Should Know About Wireless Home Security Systems

Traditionally, home security systems relied on copper-wired phone lines to send an alert to the security company and police. Today, home alarm systems have become more sophisticated and are benefiting from newer technologies. Wireless home security system more and more seems to be the way to go. People are increasingly interested in doing away with complicated and sometimes confusing wired operations.

Some homes use a wireless security alarm system to make installation quick and simple. Installation of a traditional wired security system requires drilling holes and pulling wires through walls into the attic or basement areas which can be time-consuming.

You don’t have to worry about the wiring and drilling when it comes to wireless alarm systems.

Due to the fact that wires are required to keep traditional alarm systems running, making changes to them require more work than making changes to wireless alarm systems. Adding onto wireless systems is easy, but every wireless received has limitations as to the number of devices it can support.

Every device connected to a wireless home security alarm system has a built-in transmitter. The wireless transmitter sends the signal to the receiver. Some systems will simply sound the alarm when a device is activated while others will not only sound the alarm but also indicate which device caused it to activate. This is very helpful when trying to troubleshoot a false alarm or in trying to determine in which room there is a potential danger.

The wireless transmitters operate on batteries and they must be replaced regularly. You should contact your wireless alarm company to find out how frequently you should replace the batteries. Motion sensor cameras can save the power when the cameras are not operating, but the batteries will drain periodically and will need to be changed. In addition, as the battery weakens, the distance it can send wireless signals shortens, creating the potential for a false alarm.

The construction of the home can also limit the distance signal travel. While many wireless home security alarm system devices can send out a signal hundreds of feet, brick and metal walls slow the signals substantially.

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photo credit: Brissat House