Secure Your Entryways

Every time you leave your home you likely check to make sure that everything is locked up, secure and your home alarm is set. You would never leave your doors unlocked because the safety of your home is important to you. How secure are the locks on your doors, are you one hundred percent certain they are the best they can be? Entryway doors are often times some of the most vulnerable places in a home. There are a few measures you can take to ensure that entry doors have a little added security. One of the first would be to contact a professional at one of the Desert Hot Springs alarm companies. Maybe speak with them about implementing some of the following tips and suggestions.

Install the Proper Hardware

You wouldn’t assemble a swing set that your children are going to play on without first making sure that you had the proper sets of bolts and nuts. Your entry doors are the same way. Whether or not you are not the original owner of the home, double check that the proper hardware was used to put the doors in place. Make sure that screws were used and not nails. The reason being that screws have a higher tensile strength, and will hold the door in place more securely. Screws also have the ability to go deeper into the frame and anchor the door to the studs. This is important because a well-anchored door is less likely to budge under the force of an attempted break-in. If someone were to apply force in an attempt to forcefully enter your home, you want to make sure your door isn’t going anywhere. As a part of an alarm installation, your alarm company professionals can make sure that your door is as secure as it can be, and the proper hardware was used.

Use The Proper Locks

You may think that a simple deadbolt is sufficient for an entry door. However, consider that it only takes about 75 pounds of pressure, applied twice, to knock a standard deadbolt out of the jamb. Consider that the average woman applies 50 pounds of pressure in a normal walking motion. If you added the force of a kick behind it, the door would give within two kicks. So a normal deadbolt is susceptible to being kicked down, quite easily. What’s the solution for the normal everyday deadbolt? Consult with an alarm company to find the best lock for your home. Locks range from multipoint locking systems to keyless entry options. Each of these lock types offers a dramatic improvement to the simple deadbolt because they will use a combination of appropriately placed bolts to secure the door in place until it is unlocked.

Use Your Home Alarm System

Your home alarm system likely has some form of added security for your entry doors. If it doesn’t you should call your alarm company immediately. They can do numerous things to protect your entry doors, those things include, installing pressure sensor mats, cameras, motion detectors, and much more. Having a home alarm system vastly improves the odds of having a safe home and safe entryways. Knowing that entry doors can be an issue means being able to have the proper equipment trained on them. Your alarm company can do the most to secure your entry doors.

Protecting your home starts with a good line of defense. Start by contacting one of the many professionals at a Palm Desert alarm company. The professionals can help you inspect your entry doors for safety, and improve on the protocols you already have in place.