Top 10 Home Safety Tips Every Senior and Caregiver Should Know

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe As They Age

We all age, it’s inevitable. How do we continue to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe as we all get older? With an increasing number of the elderly population opting to live at home there are some smart measures you can take to protect their safety. Amongst the suggestion on this list is ensuring their home is protected by a top-notch home security company palm desert. Making sure your loved ones stay safe is a manageable task, and this list will help you to accomplish that.

Update Their Environment

Many elderly people have difficulty with technology. So it’s ill-advised to have a home alarm system installed that they cannot use. A quick consultation with a Palm Desert home security company can help you decide which system would work best for your aging loved ones. Make sure you keep in mind that they are more likely to experience incidents like falls and other injuries within their own home. So as you have their home updated, include things like glass break sensors in their alarm system. Especially in places where they could be likely to fall into glass, such as glass windows or doors at stairway landings. Make sure there are heat and moisture sensors that alert to possible fires and flooding. Lastly, ensure there are gas and carbon monoxide sensors installed in the home. Ensuring that the home security system is up to date and has all these components, gives your aging loved ones the best start towards security.

Have Someone On Call

Because the elderly are more likely to experience incidents in their home, you should keep a family member or trusted neighbor “on call” for them. This means having someone available to periodically check in with your loved one. It also means having someone who can respond to their home should their home alarm system be tripped. While you will want to have live monitoring through your alarm system, it’s not a bad idea to have someone other than the police be dispatched to their home in these cases. It can help to ease their mind, calm an otherwise hectic situation, and bring comfort in a time that is tumultuous. Their home’s security is one of your top priorities, so make sure they have the best care to go along with it.

Create a Safe Space

Safety is not just born by the alarm system you have in place. It is also the environment you create. Since seniors are more likely to experience a fall, create a safe space. Remove loose rugs, tack down the carpet, and make sure furniture is adequately spaced for a safe walking room. Because the elderly population is more likely to need the use of oxygen tanks, use these tips. Oxygen tanks can be a fire hazard, make sure that there are no sources of smoke or open flame near the areas where they will be operational. Periodically check to make sure the smoke detectors are operational and all fire-related home security systems are up to date and working properly. The best thing you can do to create a safe living environment is to keep the space tidy. Once you’re sure it’s neat, clean, and functional, periodically check the home security system. This way you can have peace of mind about your loved ones when you’re away.

You can’t always be with your elderly loved ones. You can create a safe, loving, and independent environment from which they can enjoy their golden years. It starts with having following some quick safety tips and ensuring the home security system is state of the art. That way you will have the knowledge that your senior loved ones are safe, even when you aren’t there to look after them.