Security Systems

Residential Security

When it comes to home security, we are specialists not only in devising solutions but also in something else: listening. We work closely with you to understand exactly what you need before we design a solution.

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Business Security

The AMSconnect team collaborates with you to design thoughtful and customized solutions that keep vulnerability at bay as they protect what you’ve created. For protection 24/7, get a system that safeguards you and your investment.

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Community Associations

For community associations and HOAs, we design powerful, reliable solutions to meet your safety requirements and protect your community. Expertly customized and diligently monitored, our offerings include many services.

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Real Life. Advanced Solutions.

On the Case: Rescuing a Kidnapped Dog.

Situation: A homeowner who resides in one of our communities had the unfortunate experience of having her dog kidnapped. Feeling vulnerable and victimized is never okay. She called a private detective (and the club’s security), yet the private detective could’ve been avoided with our technology. The detective noticed there was a customer just two doors down who had surveillance cameras; he requested to review the video and helped us identify the vehicle description.

Solution: Fortunately, our cameras at the front gate already had captured the information on the vehicle; we could search the VMS to identify the vehicle and provide the license plate information. The police were notified and had the required information to get the offender’s address and make the arrest. If our license plate recognition system had been implemented throughout the club, with our cameras placed on the street, we could’ve re-solved the crime right away. Our cameras, filtered on our VMS — the system’s main brain — would have immediately identified the thief. We are pleased to say the case was re-solved and the dog returned to its owner.

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