Benefits Of A Card Access System

Business security systems have come a long way from the original turnkey style locks that were once the epitome of security. In today’s world, you can have security cameras, motion detectors, moisture sensors, and so many more features. The greatest in high tech security solutions for your business is to have a card access system installed. No business alarm system is complete in today’s world without this key component. Palm Desert Alarm Companies can install this type of system for your business, as a part of your comprehensive business security setup.

Step-Up Security Measures

Card access systems give you the freedom to restrict access to either an entire building or just specific areas. If you are dealing with highly classified information or costly inventory this type of system, in conjunction with cameras and motion sensors, is a way to keep your business and inventory safe. Palm Desert alarm company can install a state of the art card system which will give you the freedom to pick and choose who has access to your business, at what times they have access. This type of system can even be programmed to record data on who was in what area at what time. If you are looking for the best way to secure your business a card access system is it. Card access systems are versatile and can be programmed to a number of mitigating factors, this is how they work.

Types of Card Access Systems

A card access system is basically any security system which restricts access to specific areas, or the entire building via electronic locks. These locks are controlled using cards, keypad, codes, biometrics, or RFID chips. There are four basic types of card access systems; Discretionary, Rule Based, Role Based, and Mandatory Access systems.

Discretionary systems are ones in which one person has a singular code that allows entry to the building or area. This code can be shared by the one person with anyone they wish to grant access to the building or area.

Rule Based access systems function by restricting access to areas based on factors other than who you are. So in this system, you could restrict access based on the time of day, a staff person’s position, or a number of other factors that you want restricted. Talk to a Palm Desert alarm company specialist about how this type of system could be programmed to fit your business needs.

Role Based access systems restrict access to the building or area based on the person. These systems are programmed by role a person serves in the business. For example, if you wanted only managers to have access to specific areas then this would be the system for you.

Mandatory access systems work specifically regarding software. This is a way to restrict access to specific file areas for employees. It restricts all employee access and puts pre-programmed constraints on a system. Those constraints can only be removed through the input of a code.

Securing your workplace is a paramount concern if you are a business owner. It’s important not only for the safety of your business but also your employees. Talk to a Palm Desert Alarm specialist about how card access systems could aid you in creating a state of the art security system for your business.