How To Prevent Home Security Vulnerabilities

When you make the decision to update your home, don’t forget about your home alarm system. Many times when homeowners opt to renovate they don’t consider the ways in which it might affect the security of their home. Sometimes people aren’t even renovating, and don’t realize the dangers that certain aspects of their home may pose to their overall security. Having a state of the art alarm system installed in your home is only half the battle. There are some common sense issues that should be addressed along with your alarm system to ensure your home’s overall safety. After reviewing these quick tips; if you have any questions or concerns about your home’s security, contact the professionals at any La Quinta alarm company, they can help you identify, and rectify those possible security breaches.

Exterior Glass Doors and Windows

It’s likely you are aware that entry points are a place where security has the potential to be compromised. You may have even taken measures to ensure the safety of these areas. Have you considered alternative ways in which these areas can be compromised? Having glass on entry doors or windows in the garage leave your home exposed to prying eyes. Those prying eyes are making a mental checklist of all the things you have that could be easily taken in a break-in. Glass doors can also be easily shattered for a quick entry into your home. So what’s the solution? You likely enjoy those glass windows and doors, they add light to your spaces and a beauty to your home. You don’t have to give up the glass to secure your home. Have an alarm technician from a trusted alarm company come out to install motion sensors and floodlights in these areas. This will aid in startling away any lingering would be thieves who are trying to take inventory of your belongings. Another option to give you a bit more security is to have those windows frosted, and glass break sensors installed. A thief can’t catalog what they can’t clearly see, and the sensor will trigger an alarm should an attempt to break-in be made. Frosted glass will still allow the light into your spaces without compromising safety.

Doggy Doors

You love your pets, and they need a way in and out of your home too, but is their door compromising your home security? Pet doors that have been improperly installed or are installed in obvious places pose the biggest risk to your home security. So to avoid the doggy door becoming the thief’s way in, make sure your doggy door is properly installed. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter, or have a professional install it for you. Aside from proper installation, you might think about having it installed somewhere less conspicuous. If your pet’s door can’t be seen easily, it won’t seem an easy way into the house. Consider having your pet door installed in a side or back door, or possibly in a basement window. The more advanced security option for your pet door is to have an electronic one installed. This type of pet door is magnetically locked and doesn’t open unless it’s triggered by a matching collar. In this way, you can have peace of mind about your pet door. If you need advice on what kind of pet door would work best, or where to place it, contact an alarm company professional today.

Tool Sheds

Tools are a necessity when you own a home. Your tool shed is yet another place that could pose a threat to your home security. An unlocked tool shed holds an array of things a thief could use to break windows, locks, or exterior lights. The most obvious solution is to lock the tool shed, but there are some other measures you can take to ensure your tools don’t end up in the wrong hands. The tool shed should be kept out of sight, or enclosed in a backyard fence, well within the boundaries of the home alarm system. Your alarm professionals can even install special monitoring components similar to the ones you have inside your home for your tool shed.


Leaving a key hidden somewhere near your door, poses the same kind of threat to your home security, as leaving your doors unlocked. That garden rock is usually not as unsuspecting as you might think. When you hide a key on your property you are always leaving yourself open for someone to let themselves into your home. However if you’ve ever locked yourself out of your home, you know the importance of that spare key. How do you have the spare key without the risk? If you absolutely must have a spare, consider leaving it with a neighbor or a trusted friend. However, many alarm companies can install specialized locks on entry doors that open with a code. There are are a multitude of locks that can be programmed for only specified access. In this way you don’t have to hide-a-key, you can memorize a code, use an app, or a passcard. The options for securing your front door sans the key are almost limitless.

Securing your home is one of your top priorities. Make sure you’ve done everything you can to ensure the safety of your home and family. Consult with a La Quinta alarm company to make sure your alarm system is up to date. Most importantly, make sure your home is protected against all threats both obvious and not so obvious.