Bridging the gap: how integration benefits you.

Our philosophy and approach are simple: unite the best of technology to create one cohesive whole. Quite literally, that means each component in a system talks to each other. Giving you the most advantageous service possible. But where do you begin?

The process: in-depth, you-centric.

Enter AMSconnect. We’ll complete an honest evaluation to help you assess what you need. Once we have the green light to proceed, your project is turned over to our Project Integration team. This is a detailed operations workflow that ensures seamless integration of the system so you receive exactly what you need.

Our process is intuitive, sequential and effective. You’ll be guided every step of the way. We’ll diligently communicate and document each aspect to make it understandable, so that all who contribute to the process — from design and project management through installation — are responsive.

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Technology Integration & Computer Networking Firm Palm Desert CA

How viable solutions become successful installations.

With sophisticated installations especially, the initial phase alone requires that we develop design concepts, identify and clarify the scope of work, select the correct equipment, hardware and software, and provide both value engineering and recommendations to ensure optimum system design performance.

From initial discovery, information-gathering and the design phase through systems and engineering design, installation, testing, user interface and network services, and post-installation training to ensure technology adoption, the team is 100% hands-on.

Whether you manage a gated community, own a business or a home (or all three), get peace of mind knowing that every system and its components provide what is most beneficial to you. Having smart solutions as a unified whole translates to efficiency, safety, and reliable performance.

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