6 Tips for Better Home Security

Do you want to keep your family, pets and home safe from home intruders? Growing crime rates indicate taking steps to actively protect your home is crucial. AMS, a leading Palm Desert home alarm company will provide installations and strategies to protect your property. Follow these six tips to improve your home security and peace of mind.

1. Have lights with motion sensors installed

External lights with motion sensors deter thieves by making them visible from the street and neighboring houses. They are a great first line of defense to deter thieves at the outset. However, motion sensor lights are not only for the outside. Installing them inside means that if an intruder has entered the house, the lights in the room will come on. This could cause them to think that someone is home, and make them visible to the street and neighbors.

2. Have a security camera system installed

Surveillance cameras are available in wired and wireless configurations. It’s ideal to have them installed to overlook entry points and poorly-visible areas of your property. They are also useful for structures separate to the house, like a garage or shed. Use security cameras in live mode and watch on from smart devices. You can also record footage for evidence if a break-in does occur.

3. Have glass break sensors installed

Statistics show that most home burglaries occur because of break-in force. Therefore, glass break sensors are valuable components of a home alarm system. When a window in a room with a glass break sensor is hit, the sound frequency is detected. When the glass shatters microseconds later, the alarm itself is triggered.

4. Have a home security alarm installed

This is generally the most effective way to deter thieves from completing their task. Home security alarm systems comprise of door and window motion sensors linked to an alarm and a control panel. Palm Desert alarm companies will tailor the system to secure entry points to the home and rooms containing valuables. Palm Desert alarm companies can install alarms which produce such high decibel sirens that thieves are likely to abandon the property. Neighbors will be alerted by the noise, and the alarm monitoring company will also be alerted. It’s also a good idea to employ alarm monitoring services for fire and smoke detection.

5. Become a smart home

You can adjust your thermostat or control your TV with home automation. But there is a much greater scope when it comes to managing home security. You can connect using any device which has internet access to view footage from security cameras, lock your doors remotely or adjust alarm system settings. It’s also useful to connect your home automation to your indoor lighting. This means you can turn lights on before you get home to make it appear occupied. This acts as a deterrent to home intruders.

6. Use the alarms company’s stickers and signs

These items may seem insignificant, but they are effective. When you use an alarm installer, they will supply you with their company’s stickers and signs. You should place these at entry points to your property to show that your home is professionally protected. This serves as an effective deterrent.

Engage a Palm Desert alarm company and implement these six steps to protect your home and loved ones today.