How Water-Leak Sensors Protect Your Home

Did you go to bed last night thinking everything was fine, only to wake up and find water somewhere it shouldn’t have been? This is a common occurrence known as a water leak. What is worse than finding out that you have a water leak? Finding out that the leak has been there for quite some time and you are just now noticing because of the damage it may be causing. Home alarm companies may be able to help you detect a leak as soon as it happens. How do they do that? With water leak sensors placed around your home to alert them and you as soon as water leakage happens.

How does a water leak sensor work?

The sensor is small and can be placed anywhere you may end up having a leak. If that leak starts to happen, the device will emit an audible alarm that will alert you to the presence of water. A common design for a water sensor is a small device that uses the electrical conductivity of water to decrease the resistance between the contacts. That means there is enough water to keep a constant bridge between the two contacts of the sensor. If you have a more advanced system, the device will also send a signal to a home alarm company. This additional type of monitoring can be beneficial if you are out of town. With water damage being the number one insurance claim you don’t want to underestimate the destructive power of water. The sooner that signal reaches you or a monitoring company, the less amount of damage the water can cause.

Here are a few places that water leaks are common. The hot water heater is a big one, every time you turn on the hot water faucet, take a shower, or run laundry this baby kicks on. Pumping gallons of water for your use, a hot water heater can spring a leak and quickly cause damage. Your roof is another place to look out for when it comes to leaks. If your roof has a leak it may take quite a while for your to realize if you don’t spend a lot of time in your attic. By the time the water has damaged enough of the attic floor to be noticeable in your regular house it will be a very costly repair. Appliances and their hoses are also a place to look for leaks. Any time there is a pipe or tubing that water runs through there is a chance for a leak. If you live in an apartment complex it may not be your pipes that burst. Your neighbor’s leaky pipes or appliances may be causing you water damage. Water can quickly soak through and damage books and electronics because they are very susceptible to liquid already. So how can you help protect against severe water damage?

Using water sensors to help prevent severe water damage can be as simple as placing the sensor where the suspected leak may take place. You could place one in the drip pan of your water heater or under the bathroom sink. Kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines are common culprits of hidden leaks. Underneath the refrigerator or the floor of the basement would also be good places for a water sensor. In truth, a high-quality water sensor can be placed just about anywhere you can think of. Home alarm companies can also provide you with the sensors that they include in their monitoring program. A more sophisticated alarm that I have seen on the market has the ability to shut off your water valve if a signal is sent to it. This may be more beneficial if you are out of the house all day working or go on business trips. The longer you are away the more time the water has to damage your property. These devices can come in handy for not only water detection, but they might even save you money as well.

Some of the financial benefits of having water sensors around your house may include a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. The sensors may also save you money by alerting you to water leaks before they can destroy your electrical equipment. Your computer or TV could be a costly repair on top of fixing the leak. Not to mention the hazards of an electrical fire that could be started by water coming into contact with your electrical outlets. If that happens your fire alarm and water sensor alarm will go off. All sorts of fabrics are also at risk of being damaged by water leaks. Your clothes, bedding, towels, and carpets can build up mildew and mold if the water leaks go unfixed. This mold can lead to you getting sick, which means it is not just your things that may be affected but also your health.

What is the price on your health and peace of mind when it comes to security company? Having a home alarm company monitoring your house for fire, carbon monoxide, and intruders is not all the protection you may need. Adding the service of monitoring for water leaks will help increase the protection that you receive. Keeping your home safe from water damage is a step in the right direction for total peace of mind. A water leak sensor will do much more than just alert you to when there is unwanted water. The water sensor will help you sleep better at night knowing if anything goes wrong you will know as soon as it happens.

So how do water leak sensors protect your home? They protect your home by alerting you, and a home alarm company to the presence of unwanted water. The sensors can help protect you from unnecessary loss due to that same water leak. They might even be able to save you money if your insurance company offers discounts for having it. But most of all a water leak sensor will protect your home by giving you peace of mind.