Home Security Alarm Buying Guide

Buying an alarm system for your home in an important step in protecting your home, valuables, and loved ones. When buying alarm system in Palm Springs, use this guide to feel secure that you have chosen the correct system and company for your home.

There are many types of, and options, for alarm systems to choose from:

Monitored or Unmonitored Alarm Systems

A monitored alarm system often comes with a monthly or recurring monitoring fee. For that fee, your alarm alerts are sent to a central system. The alarm monitoring company will then contact you through your preferred contact method prior to sending any notices to local law authorities. This type of system decreases or eliminates false alarms sent to authorities, which can result in fees or fines.

Wired or Wireless Alarms

A wireless system is easier to install and may have a lower installation fee; however, wired systems are more dependable. Wireless home alarm systems rely on radio transmissions to communicate. Wired systems are wired throughout your house. Both types function similarly and your best option will likely be determined by your budget.

Silent Alarms or Sirens

Most alarm systems come with different alarm signaling options. Alarms with loud sirens are typically the most secure. Intruders will be deterred and neighbors will be notified. Also, consider whether the system is equipped with flashing lights.

Additional Options

There are many additional features to consider when buying an alarm system for a home.

Motion detectors are often considered an add-on or option for your home alarm system. Alarm systems work from sensors that monitor if a door or window has been opened. Motion sensors add an extra level of security if other entries were by-passed. Some systems even offer pet-friendly motion detectors (if your pet is under 100lbs). Glass break sensors are another option. These sensors monitor for frequencies emitted when glass, such as a window, is broken.

Cameras can bring your security to the next level. They will deter intruders if placed in a visible location. Additional keypads can often be installed, usually with an additional fee. This allows a homeowner to alarm or un-alarm their home from multiple entrances, such as a garage or back door. Mobile control is a growing feature, allowing the homeowner to access their alarm controls from a mobile device. Some systems even offer features such as lighting or temperature control!


This is, by far, the most important detail in buying an alarm system in Palm Desert. The company that installs, maintains and monitors your home security should be your partner in protecting your home. You need a company that will give you the highest quality customer service.

Schedule an in-home security evaluation. Check consumer reviews.

Have an agent or representative go over the contract with you. Verify specific details with the alarm company, such as contract length. If you will not be living in the same location, inquire about terms of breaking or transferring the contract. Get all quotes on installation and recurring charges in writing.
Lastly, once you have your new home alarm system in place, don’t forget to notify your homeowner’s insurance! Most insurance companies offer discounts or lower rates when your home is equipped with a security system.