10 Things to Know About Business Alarm Systems

Your business is your livelihood. It’s what puts food on your table, pays your bills, sometimes causes you stress, but it’s the most important thing aside from your family. Your business is what takes care of your family. You’ve fought hard for your business, so protect it with a business alarm system. Not all alarm companies in Palm Desert are created equally; here are some tips on how to find the best bang for your buck.

What Type of Equipment Is Needed

Alarm companies provide defense against intrusion and theft. This requires a certain amount of equipment to be placed on your premises. Consider what elements of a security system are needed for your specific business. For example, a retail business likely has more need of cameras and motion sensors than a call center. A qualified alarm technician from Palm Springs alarm companies can survey your business and discuss with you what types of equipment your business will need.

What Kind Of System Do You Need

There are many perks to having both wireless and wired alarm systems, but which will work best for your business? This largely depends on your location. Are you in a rural area where wireless connectivity may be spotty or is your business urban where this wouldn’t be a problem. At Palm Springs alarm companies we can install both, and one of our skilled technicians can discuss with you which is the better option for your business.

Look Toward the Future

Think about how your business may grow. Will your system be scalable or will you have to replace it in five to ten years? Make sure that the system you choose can be scaled with your business as it develops. At Palm Springs alarm companies, our skilled technicians can help you develop a system that will grow with you.

Which Notifications Do You Need

When do you need to be notified of possible intrusions? Some business alarm companies charge per call they make about alarm triggering. Some business alarm companies include a certain amount of alerts in specific packages. Make sure you know what is likely to trip an alarm because it could save you money. Speak with one of our alarm technicians to see which security elements will maximize the security of your business while cutting down on false alarms.

Do you need an alert for more than when an alarm is tripped? Some business alarms can let you know which employees have recently entered the premises. These systems use unique codes, programmed for the use of individual employees, so you know who is onsite.

Be notified about more than personnel and theft. If your business holds merchandise, expensive equipment, or other valuables, you need fire alerts as well. With fire alerts, you will be the first to know if a fire is starting in your business, and a fast response can ensure minimized loss.

How Many Users Will You Have

The number of people who need access to your business can help determine many of the other factors in your security system. Some businesses need shift leaders to be able to open or close the doors without the owner present. Other businesses need restricted access to specific areas. Your business alarm can be as unique as your business, and we’re here to help. At Palm Springs alarm companies, we can install keypads with different access codes for specific people to gain only the amount of access they need. Talk with one of our technicians to find out which options would work best for your business.

Pick the Right Package

Most business alarm companies offer different options concerning the level of monitoring they provide for your business. These are usually bundled in packages, kinda like cable. Make sure you choose the options that work best for your business. Protecting the things that provide for you will always pay off.

Is Your Company Local

Having a local alarm company can be a great benefit. It means your alarm call doesn’t have to go to a third party in a different state where people are unfamiliar with the risk factors in your area. At Palm Springs alarm companies we’re your neighbors. Our community is important to us, and we are here to help keep it safe.

Consider Your Risk Factors

When you’re trying to protect a business there are several things that may pose a risk of loss. Do you need to monitor your employees, are there multiple entries and exit points that need to be monitored, does your software need to be monitored, or do you have other things that need to be protected? All of these things will determine what risks are involved in your business. Determining the most important risk factors will help your alarm company determine the best way to protect your business. Having a great business alarm system can help lower your risks.


What is your business worth? You likely have an insurance value that answers this question. Wouldn’t all the valuable assets you have tied to your business be worth the cost of preventing loss. Expert Market estimates that business owners spend on average $750 annually to protect their assets. Compare that to the nearly $60 billion Forbes reports thieves cost a business in merchandise annually. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind; it’s worth it.

Businesses take many risks in operating day to day. The risk factors are broad, but many can be minimized. Contact a Palm Springs alarm company technician today, to see how your business can be protected against loss.