5 Reasons Why You Should Make the Investment in Alarm Monitoring

I think you know what alarm monitoring is. Odds are, you’ve seen those commercials, usually from Palm Desert alarm companies, where someone is home alone, and then a would-be burglar tries breaking into their house. But then, like a bug to some repellent, the burglar retreats as the alarm sounds. The panicked resident then gets a call from their home security system to make sure they’re all right. These commercials are rooted in truth, and you should consider looking into alarm monitoring, and here’s why.

1.    It Works

Even if you think you have nothing of value, and you don’t live in a bad neighborhood, you can still be robbed. It’s much easier for a robber to steal from an unprepared home than a mansion, after all. Almost 5,000 homes in the US are robbed every day, and yours could be next. A home security system greatly reduces your chances. A robber sees the security warning and knows they aren’t going to a defenseless home, so they’ll go somewhere else.

2.    Your Insurance May Go Down

If you’re paying too much for home insurance, a security system can pay for itself. If you’re protecting your home, your insurance company knows there is a less chance they’ll have to cough up some money should something happen, and thus charge you less. This applies to any insurance company, really. Anything you can do to add safety to whatever it is you’re insuring, they’ll charge less.

3.    Remote Control from Anywhere

With today’s smart technology, you can keep your home secure even if you aren’t at home. With your phone, you can control cameras, locks, and monitor your house to make sure the home’s truly empty. If you forget to lock your doors, your phone has you covered. If you forget to turn off the lights, you can flick them off with a flick on your phone screen. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with today’s smartphone technology.

4.    Monitor Your Children

You don’t want to be Big Brother to your children, but if they’re home alone, being able to check up on them to make sure they’re safe at home is a plus. Cathedral City alarm companies usually have this feature, allowing you to make sure your child is safe and sound.

5.    It Can Lower Your Bills

Home security systems can come with technology that monitors your electricity usage, from lights being on too long to excessive air conditioner use. Thus, you may be saving money if you use your system to plug up anything that’s draining your electricity. Indian Wells alarm companies have provided this service in the past.

No home security system is complete without alarm monitoring. So ask us about alarm monitoring today. You can talk with a professional to be sure it’s right for you.