7 Security Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

In this day and age, making sure your home, valuables and loved ones are safe is a top priority. And even though most neighborhoods in Palm Springs, CA have the reputation of being fairly safe, it’s important to make sure you’re ready for anything that might happen.

One of the most common security tips is to install a security system. This is so basic that many people overlook it, thinking that they’re never going to need a home security system. And while we all hope that’s true, it never hurts to be fully protected.

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Here are a few things to include in your home security setup:

Motion Sensor – A motion sensor installed at the entrance to your property will alert you well before an intruder reaches your home. If your driveway has a gate, keep it closed at all times.

Security Cameras – Security cameras are a good bet for any security-conscious homeowner. They can be wired so the video feed is sent straight to any of your computers, a smartphone and even recorded to a DVR so that you can watch the footage later.

Window StickersSecurity company stickers on your windows let a potential intruder know that this is not going to be easy. And, in many cases, that’s enough to make them change their mind about entering your home.

AlarmsSecurity alarms are the last word in scaring off an intruder. They generally make a loud, siren-like noise and alert the home alarm company and the police when triggered. Intruders know they have very little time once an alarm has been set off, which causes most of them to turn and run away.

In addition to the above security features, here are some common sense tips to keep your home safe:

Outside Lighting – Your home should have bright exterior lighting that can be controlled from switches both in your main living area and the master bedroom. This way, you can illuminate the exterior of your house with just the flip of a few switches.

Trim Hedges – Bushes and hedges should be kept trimmed back away from all walkways and entrances. You should have a clear line of sight from your driveway to your home entrance. Eliminate any hidden areas where an intruder could hide.

Install an Intercom – Installing a simple intercom system at your front door is a great way to screen visitors and avoid opening the door to see who’s there.

Following these tips and installing a home security system in Palm Springs, CA will make your home safer and reduce your chances of being the victim of a home invasion. How much protection you need should be based on crime statistics in your area and the value of your home’s contents.

photo credit: JoeInSouthernCA Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House, Palm Springs CA via photopin (license)