7 Reasons to Install a Security System for a Rental Property

Protecting the security of their property is one of a landlord’s key responsibilities. Palm Springs alarm companies can help landlords keep their properties secure. Installing an alarm system brings many important benefits. Not having one brings many risks. Here are seven reasons for every landlord to install an alarm system.

1. It will protect the value of your property

Burglars aren’t cautious people. If thieves break into your home, they won’t care about damaging your property. Thieves can cause an incredible amount of damage in a short space of time. Any repairs will cost you time and money. A good alarm system for home use will help protect you against unexpected costs.

2. It’s a fantastic advertisement

Installing a security system will increase your property’s curb appeal. Tenants will be more likely to lease your property if they know it’s protected by an alarm system. For some tenants, a good alarm system might be the most important factor in choosing a property to rent. Tenants who care about the security of the property are likely to be careful and conscientious. As a landlord, this is exactly the type of tenant you should be trying to attract.

3. It will make your tenant happier

Tenants will feel safer in a home which has been protected by a Palm Springs alarm company. Happier tenants are more likely to renew their contract. They’re also less likely to bombard you with complaints. Most importantly, your tenants may want to break their contract early after suffering a home invasion. An alarm system can help keep good tenants on your property until the end of your agreement.

4. It can reduce local crime statistics

Many renters check crime statistics online before committing to a property. Every incidence of home invasion is recorded and shared with the public. Keeping crime low makes the area much more attractive to renters.

5. It could increase your property’s rental value

Tenants are prepared to pay more for a property that’s been secured by a home alarm system. This is a simple way of improving the rental income your property generates.

6. It can help you avoid liability

After a burglary, tenants may try to use a lack of security to take legal action against the landlord. Installing a home alarm system makes this much less likely. A home alarm system shows that the landlord is serious about keeping tenants safe.

7. It will improve your reputation

Installing a home alarm system signals to renters that you’re a responsible landlord. This will make them feel more positive about you. Building a good relationship with your tenants is a great way to secure repeat business. If you have several properties, tenants may recommend others to their friends.

The initial cost of an alarm system will soon be offset by the benefits it brings. It will increase the long-term value of your property and allow you to make more in rent. It will keep both you and your tenants happy. No rental property should be without a proper alarm system.

photo credit: Bust it Away Photography Palm Springs via photopin (license)