5 Benefits of Having a Wireless Surveillance System

In our current day and age, cords are becoming outdated, no matter what the device is. Even wireless home surveillance systems are becoming more popular every day. With so many benefits to them, like having less hardware, easier installation, among others, it is no wonder why so many are having Palm Desert Alarm companies install wireless home surveillance systems in their residence.

Get Instant Alerts

One of the best features of a wireless home surveillance systems, usually installed by alarm companies, is that you able to connect, and got updates from your monitoring service in real time. For example, when something happens which triggers an alarm, you will be sent an instant notification about what took place, and can even watch your home through your surveillance system in real time. With this, valuable time is saved, and no resources are wasted.

Interactive, Real-Time Monitoring

When you connect a cell phone capable, or tablet, iPad, etc. you have the capability of monitoring the system in real time. You have the capability to watch each camera you have installed individually, or all of them at the same time. This lets you see if there is someone or something lurking in and around your property, what time your kids got home, what your animals are up to, and so on.

No Wires

A big problem with wired security systems is, that if there are any wires showing or easily accessible, burglars would simply just cut the cords, thus bringing your whole security system to a standstill. Having the power go out, also throws your system offline, but with wireless installed by an alarm company, it is always up and running. This is due to wireless surveillance systems using and running off cell phone frequencies, and the batteries used are made to last at least 3 years on average.

Home Insurers Will Give You a Lower Rate

Whenever an insurance company feels you have taken steps to better protect and secure yourself, and your belongings, by having an alarm installer put in a security system, they will give you a discount on your policy, as sort of a reward for making their job a bit easier. Things like living within a gated community, having your house by a fire hydrant or body of water that is accessible, being in a home owner’s association, and things like that are other examples of reasons insurance companies will grant you a policy discount. The more intricate, and in depth your home security and surveillance system is, the bigger of discount you will be eligible for.

Home Automation Capable

Home automation is something that is somewhat new but has been gaining more, and more speed, as of lately. Basically, what home automation is, you connect into your wireless security system through your phone, tablet, or whatever, and then you are able to turn off and on lights, lock and unlock doors, set, and disarm your security system, etc. It really is an awesome and convenient feature of wireless home surveillance systems!