Top 10 Home Safety Tips

Home safety is something we all worry about. The best home alarm company in Palm Desert can provide you with a home security system which can ease these worries. There are also other tips that everyone should follow to keep their home safe.

Here are 10 home safety tips.

1. Make the Most of Your Smoke Detectors

Did you know that smoke detectors can be linked? If there’s a fire in the basement, smoke detectors on the third floor can be triggered. When asking a desert alarm company to install your smoke detectors, make sure you get them linked.

2. Secure Your Mailbox

An unsecured mailbox can give criminals easy access to your family’s personal information. Consider protecting your mailbox with a locking mechanism. You may even want to collect your mail directly at the post office.

3. Mute Your Phone

Criminals have a huge array of tricks for finding unoccupied homes. One trick is to dial your landline number. If they hear the call goes unanswered, they know there’s nobody home. Switching your landline to mute can counter this.

4. Tell a Neighbor

Always let a trusted neighbor know if you’ll be leaving the house for a while. This way, they know to be suspicious if they see activity in your home. Be discreet about this – don’t shout it so loud that the whole neighborhood hears!

5. Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide poisoning can kill without you even noticing it. Ask your home security system installer about getting a carbon monoxide alarm fitted. This life-saving device is a home security must.

6. Don’t Leave Notes Telling About Your Travel Plans

Leaving notes for delivery services or others saying you’ll be away could be a costly mistake. Criminals sometimes scope neighborhoods looking for notes like these. If they see one on your property, you’ve massively increased your chances of your house being broken into.

7. Decorate Your Property With Anti-Burglar Items

Related to the last point, it’s a good idea to put anti-burglar signs on your property. Signs warning about a vicious dog might scare criminals away, even if you don’t own so much as a goldfish. It’s also good to prominently display security company decals. These let burglars know your property is protected. It makes it much less attractive to attempt a break in.

8. Power Outages Don’t Destroy Food Instantly

This tip might save you a fortune in food waste if you’re struck by a power outage. Many people assume a power outage that affects a freezer will ruin food quickly. However, most freezers should keep food frozen for two days without power.

9. Use the Right Extension Cord

If you want to run an extension cord between your house and yard, make sure it’s up to the task. Some extension cords aren’t suitable for being used with outside appliances.

10. Show Your Home in the Snow

If you’ve no place to go and you’ve been hit with a big snowfall, it’s tempting to stay inside and let the snow pile up outside. However, this can suggest to potential burglars that there’s nobody home. Shoveling snow tells criminals there’s someone in the property.