Home Security Tips: 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Every 15 seconds, a burglary occurs. Even more shocking, homeowners must be extra careful since the largest percentage – about 73 percent of those robberies occur in residential places. Making your home safe and secure should be your top priority. Installing a professional home alarm system should be your top priority.

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These tips are developed AMS, the leading home alarm company in Palm Desert. You can implement them to make your home more secure.

1. Eliminate possible hiding places and spots.

This includes shrubs and bushes. They provide convenient hiding places for burglars. Destroy shrubbery around your home perimeter by trimming down trees and plants close to your home. Opt for smaller flowers instead and secure your home.

2. Install outdoor lighting.

This works to secure your home, especially at night. Light up your landscape by placing lights around your front and back yard. Go for lighting with infrared motion sensors and install one near each point of entry for added protection. An unauthorized person might be less inclined to break in because of the spotlight on them. Make sure to replace any burned-out light bulbs.

3. Set up timers.

This is mostly applicable during vacations and when one travels for work. Timers give an impression that one is at home. Take for instance the fake TV which works by stimulating flickering lights of a television. Anyone outside will think that someone is watching a television. Timers help to discourage intruders and improve the security of your home.

4. Install a burglar alarm system.

This is the safest and secure option to protect your home. To save on all your possessions and lives at home, one should consider installing a home security system. This can be a basic camera installation or a fully monitored home security system by an alarm company. Choose a system that complies well with the needs of your area, that which makes you comfortable.

5. Put in place some security signs.

Security company signs or window stickers placed at the entrance of any home scares away unauthorized people. This should be done whether you have a security system or not. Most of these security signs are provided by the security companies. They include yard signs and window decals with security packages to scare off potential burglars.

6. Ensure to lock up the ladder.

For security purposes never forget your ladder outside. A burglar could possibly use it to reach a second-floor window or balcony.

7. Involve the police.

It’s possible to call the police to walk through your home and recommend simple, cost-effective changes to improve home security. This is mostly done by the municipal police departments where they offer complimentary home inspection duties. Consider this and make your home more secure.

8. Ensure you lock the windows.

Never rely on the latches on your windows. Replace them with locks which are more effective. They aid to beef up your safety. Moreover, let it be a habit to lock every door and window on arrival, when leaving and before bedtime.

9. Secure your air conditioning units.

It’s advisable to always use an air conditioner bracket, corner braces or sliding window locks. Unsecured window air conditioners provide an easy route for burglars.

10. Secure keys garage-remotes.

Be careful never to leave car and house keys and remotes near the door or visible places in your home. Let them be kept inside a cabinet or a drawer so that they can’t be easily accessible by intruders.


I call them the top-ten security rules. You can make your home more secure today than ever by following the tips given. However, the main security tip should be – to install a professionally monitored burglar alarm system. Do this today and you will live in a more secure home.


photo credit: luxviz luxury-villa-photography-bali-bersantai-1401.jpg via photopin (license)