4 Facts You Must Know About Home Security Systems

With advancement in technology, installing an effective home alarm system has become one of the highest-in-demand house necessities. You will not only reap peace of mind, but it can also contribute to paying smaller home insurance premiums.

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Here’s what you need to know.

Get tips from your insurance company.

This should be your first step. It’s important you first call your insurer to inquire if there can be a reduction in premium if you install a home security system. You should also find out which security systems they recommend that will give you the best premium discounts.

Choose the right type of home security alarm system.

Professional alarm system installation may vary in cost depending on these factors:

  1. The contract you sign.
  2. The size of your home.
  3. The type of security equipment being installed.

Considering the factors above, you may expect the cost to range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. This is important to know as you do the budgeting.

Basic home alarm systems don’t have the added benefit of monitoring. Whenever an intrusion occurs, you only expect the bells to ring but nothing else happens. While you may be away, this may not be ultimately helpful.

Using basic alarm systems, you rely on passers-by to report the alarm bell ringing. This shows a poor investment for isolated homes. If basic alarm systems are used in the city, they can be ignored.

The best alternative is the use of modern technology sensors with an alarm box. That’s not all, a monitoring system is included.

The benefits of these professionally installed alarm systems will be as highlighted below:

  • 24-hour call centers help catch any false alarms before contacting the police.
  • A super essential need for isolated homes.
  • Some are connected directly to your mobile phone through an app, and you can get security alerts any time you’re far away from home.

Advantages of professionally installed home security systems.

Some people can’t resist the temptation of buying a cheap home alarm kit from a DIY store and install it. However, it is best to let a professional alarm installer to do the job. While DIY’s can be tempting because of potential short-term saving, you may end up wasting your money.

Most of them use outdated technology with less customer support and difficult to install.
Unless they are connected to a monitoring system, the police might never respond whenever they go off.

The good news with the professionally installed systems.

Most companies will offer you with a security sticker indicating the presence of an alarm system on a site will result in lower break-in risks.

According to statistical reports, homes with alarm systems are less likely to have break-ins than those without.

These alarm systems will increase the value of your home exponentially in case you might sell your home sometime in the future.


You should never gamble with the security of your home. This goes to your family, the expensive items you own, among others. Before starting on the journey to securing your home, I advise that you make sure you understand the pros and cons of your options.

You can get the best value out of your money whenever you choose the right home security systems.


photo credit: Sofitel So Mauritius Bel Ombre Villa Beaulieu via photopin (license)