10 Home Security Mistakes We Make

If you have a home security system you may think that is all you need to keep you safe from intruders. While Palm Desert home alarm companies can definitely help keep you safe that is not where your defenses should end. Being aware and vigilant will do more for your security than just a home alarm system. I’m sure we all can think of something that someone else could be doing better to keep their home safe. You might even say, “Well duh! I would never do that!” in reality, though, we all could be making costly mistakes that we don’t even realize. Here are 10 home security mistakes that you or someone you know may be making.

Not locking your doors when you are home is a common mistake that people make. Everyone knows when you leave the house to go to work or the store that you lock things up before leaving. But not everyone knows that locking doors when you are home can be as effective in keeping out intruders. Now if you are going from inside to outside, working in the yard or house, it may not be practical to lock all the doors. If you are watching TV in the living room or taking a long hot bath after work, leaving your doors unlocked could be a costly mistake.

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A home alarm company is there for more than when you go out of town or are sleeping. The alarm that they monitor should be on at all times. This is another mistake that people make with their home security. They turn off their alarm systems when they are home and awake. If you are home and awake without the alarm being on and someone breaks in, then you have to be able to get to the phone and call for help. Leaving your alarm on when you are home will make that call for you.

Keeping the garage unlocked may be more convenient for you, but it is also more convenient for a burglar as well. If the burglar can slip in undetected through your garage, or they intend to steal the car that is in the garage, they most certainly will. Burglars like things that are easy to get to and an unlocked garage is just that. So do yourself a favor and lock up the garage doors.

Unlocked windows are also an easy target for thieves. Especially if they are covered by bushes or on the back of the house. It’s nice to have fresh air flowing in the house, but don’t leave the windows open if you are sleeping. It’s best to always keep the windows locked, even when you are home, so that when you leave you don’t have to run around and lock them all.

Branches, ladders, and garden trellises are all easy ways to get to the second floor. Make sure, as mentioned above all windows are locked, and you are trimming up the tree branches to ensure that a burglar can’t get in on the second floor. Put away all ladders as soon as you are done with them, and use the decorative garden trellises that can’t support much weight. Being mindful of these things is another step in the direction of home security.

You may think it is more cost effective to get a lower cost security system. But skimping on a home alarm could be more costly than saving thirty bucks a month. If your house gets broken into it won’t take much and the burglars will have stolen more than you have saved. When it comes to home alarm companies and security it can be worth it to invest the extra money.

Do you turn off the lights every time you leave a room? Do you like to keep the house dark when you aren’t at home? A dark house can be an intruder’s best friend. The shadows make it easy for an intruder to slip in unseen. You want to make sure you keep your house well illuminated while you are home and away. Just think, the easier it is to be seen and caught, the less likely an intruder will want to target your house.

Home alarm companies will monitor your house for break-ins, but they don’t always monitor for people who use a key. Another common mistake is hiding your keys outside. Placing your key under the welcome mat, under a potted plant, or even above the door frame, will not give you the security that a trusted friend will have. If you are concerned about locking yourself out of the house then ask a friend to keep a key in case. A hidden key is almost as good as an invitation to a burglar.

Here is a mistake most people don’t think. How easy is it to see what you have through your windows? If you looked into your living room window would you see your new big screen TV and state of the art stereo system? Okay so not everyone has brand new or state of the art electronics, but you understand where I’m going with this. If your valuables are easy to see from the outside, you are giving a burglar a preview of the spoils. If things are easy to see it might be time to think about window coverings or rearranging.

If you are going on vacation make sure your house doesn’t look like it. Mow the lawn and do some yard work so nothing looks overgrown. Have a trusted neighbor or friend come by every day to pick up mail and delivered items. It’s okay to take a vacation and enjoy your time when you are away. Make sure that you minimize the chances of coming back to a headache and police report.

These are ten easy to fix, or habits to change, security mistakes that anyone can make. Take some time to evaluate your security situation and make sure you aren’t “inviting” trouble. Investing in a home alarm company to monitor your house, and avoiding these mistakes, will go a significant way towards giving you peace of mind about your home’s security.