Top 10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

As technologies are becoming more and more advanced, there is no reason why we homeowners should not install a home alarm system.  For the small cost that a home alarm company may charge to install a sophisticated system, it is well worth the security that it brings. In the following article, we will bring to you the top 10 reasons why these home security systems are so important and so easy to come by in this day and age.

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1.     Track Your Home from Afar.

For those of us that travel for work or go on vacation from time to time, we often leave our homes for days at a time. By installing a home alarm system you can view your homes on a live feed from anywhere in the world. It gives you the chance to check in even to see if the neighbor remembered to take your trash out.

2.     Protection from Intruders

Perhaps the first reason that comes to mind when thinking about home alarm systems is to keep intruders out. The fact is that intruders are 2.7 times more likely to enter a home that does not have an alarm system. For this reason having an alarm system of any sorts serves as an initial barrier to intruders. If the intruder still goes against this initial warning the alarm system gives your family some time. This time can give them enough time to escape unharmed

3.     Protection against fire hazards

A fire does not just destroy your home, it can also have devastating emotional losses to your family. On top of this in can be a danger to anyone on the immediate premises. A home security system is an essential early warning system in the event of a fire. As soon as a security system notices a sign of excessive heat or smoke it acts as an early warning system. Giving warning to the family as well as notifying the authorities. The system can not only protect your home but also save your life.

4.     Protection against carbon monoxide poisoning

One of the difficulties with carbon monoxide, it is undetectable by human senses. Unlike a fire, your home could be saturated with carbon monoxide without anyone in your family knowing. Carbon monoxide prevents your body from being able to receive the proper amount of oxygen. It can make you too weak to leave your home and make you suffocate without the help of emergency services. A home security system is able to detect these levels of carbon monoxide. It will notify paramedics or an emergency response team to come to your home and make sure everything is ok.

5.     Protection of your valuables

Over the course of our life, we collect and acquire many assets. Some of these things have significant monetary value or sentimental worth. In the United States, there are an estimated two and a half burglaries each year. Of these burglaries, each victim has approximately a $1,700 loss. This is due to the damage from the break-in or the value of the goods stolen. With a total of $3.1 billion worth of goods and damages occurring to homeowners each year due to break-ins, a home security system is a valuable investment.

6.     Peace of Mind

If we look at the main points that we so far listed above. It is easy to see how there are many stresses that come into play when you are a homeowner. With a security system, you as a homeowner are able to be at peace. There is a second set of eyes keeping your home and family safe. It is one less thing for you to worry about and you can continue enjoying your life with more freedom.

7.     Savings on Homeowners Insurance

Despite all the risks that one is taking when a homeowner, many people think that insurance is a waste of money. After all the continual costs that come into play owning a home, it is hard to invest more money into something that you can not see making a difference. Homeowners Insurance often insures for general problems that may occur. For example fire insurance, flood insurance, burglary, etc. The type of insurance has a lot to depend on the region your home is located. The typical dangers your home may be exposed to.

With so many different factors for insurers to calculate, insurance programs in your home can end up being quite costly. By having a security system from a proper home alarm company, insurers can give discounts of up to 20% for insurance. The home security system reassures them and gives them confidence about insuring your home.

8.     Receive Medical Help when needed

With the ability to always watch your home remotely, you are able to notice when problems may be arising even without your presence. For example, if you have relatives living with you at home and you notice that one of them becomes ill. You are able to dispatch emergency services with just the touch of a button.

9.     Assistance in monitoring your home

Even if you are not standing by and consistently watching your home through a video feed. With a sophisticated home security system, someone else will be assisting you with that. With alarms for burglary, fires or carbon monoxide someone will be alerted if an emergency is occurring under your roof. It is always nice knowing you have a second set of eyes looking out for you.

10. Make your home more green friendly

With more sophisticated home systems, home automation is becoming a new means of controlling different aspects of your home remotely. For example, you may be able to turn off the air conditioning or lights if you forgot to before you left. Also it is another means of making someone believe that you are there at night even if you are not. You can turn on the lights when it gets dark and turn them off as you are going to bed. Just the same as you would do if you yourself were at home.

With home security systems being so affordable and easy to install, it makes sense for us to think seriously about installing them into our own homes. It gives us an extra glove of safety, a mental assurance, and peace of mind that someone else is watching out for us.

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