Top Reasons for a Home Security System

Your home security system is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your property and loved ones safe. Just like your water heater, washer, dryer, or air conditioner, you should think of your home security system as an essential appliance. Your home security system should be one of your first investments in your new home. Because there are so many options available to the homeowner, one should consult a professional prior to making a purchase. It pays to speak with a  home security professional.

Unfortunately, many people only purchase a home security system after a break-in or a burglary. The difference between having a security system from day one in your home vs. having a security system only after you have been victimized is huge. Many homeowners will never feel the same way in their homes after a break in. Having a security system gives you the edge. While some people think that only other peoples’ homes will be burglarized, smart people know that it can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, crime happens everywhere, even in great neighborhoods.

A great home security system will help you several ways:

Deterrence – Statistically, you are less likely to be victimized if you have a home security system sign on your front lawn and stickers on your doors and windows.

Minimized loss – Even if the signs on your property do not deter an intruder once inside your property, he won’t be able to shop around inside your house because he knows that the authorities have been alerted.

Reduce the chance for confrontation – If you have a working home security system, and some had broken into your house, they have most likely left as soon as they heard your alarm go off. If you arrive and you hear your alarm sounding in your house, you know not to enter the house.

Fire protection – Many home security systems have the ability to have smoke detectors connected. If smoke is detected, the home security system alerts the monitoring station.

Save money – Insurance companies offer savings for homeowners with working security systems installed.

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photo credit: Twin Palms