8 Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglary

You spend countless hours working for and maintaining your home during your lifetime. When you finally have something of your own, you want to make sure that it is safe. Whether you travel regularly or work a 9-5 job, it is nice to know that your home is safe throughout the day.

Below we have eight ways that you can keep your home safer from burglary:

Install a home security system

By having a home security system your home is immediately 2.7 to 3.5 times less likely to become victim to a burglary. The great thing about a home security system, is it immediately notifies police services if there is a break-in. Because of this as soon as the local police station is aware of the break-in, they will be on their way. This will limit the amount of time that an intruder is able to spend in your house. This minimizes the chance for loss and damage as a result of a burglary.

Also with police on their way, if they do catch the burglar in the act they will be able to retrieve anything that they may have been stealing in the first place.

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Signs to show you have a security system

By installing a home security system you are immediately involving the police in the case of a break-in. However, if potential intruders have no idea that you have a system in place, they are just as likely to break into your house in comparison to anyone else’s.

You can make people aware of your home security system by placing signs in your front garden or windows. This immediately makes intruders psychologically aware that someone more than just the neighbors is looking after your home.

Install security cameras

By installing security cameras a potential intruder knows immediately that his face and actions are being recorded. A tactic that thieves use when deciding whether or not to break into your house, is they first go and knock on the door. If nobody answers they assume that there is no one home and from this decides to break and enter.

When an intruder goes to knock on a front door and sees that he is being recorded, he knows that he has already been caught. Also if he does still go forward with breaking into your home he is more likely to get be caught later on by police.

Cameras can be set up outside as well as inside very easily. You should take priority in having all the possible entrances to your home recorded visibly by a security camera.

Motion activated lights

Burglars love to hide in the dark. Therefore if you install floodlights into your home that are motion activated, it is hard for someone to creep around without attracting attention to themselves. It is very easy for neighbors to notice if someone is creeping around the side of your house at night and floodlights all of a sudden illuminate them.

Have an alarm system that makes audible noise when entering

Some intruders may ignore their initial instinct. Even after seeing so many different home security systems in place, they may still try to break and enter into your home. If this is the case make sure that your security system makes an audible noise when entering. This can be a small beeping noise just to let the intruder or homeowner know that someone has entered. Or it can be a siren that wakes up the whole street if a password is not entered in correctly. Either way make sure that the intruder knows if he has entered your home, that he is playing with time and someone knows that he or she is there.

Multiple neighbors with alarm systems as well

If a burglar notices that multiple people in your street have an alarm system, he is even less likely to target a specific house. When multiple people in the street have security systems in their homes it shows burglars that the street is working together to make sure their houses are safe. It is the same type of principal as the safety in numbers.

There is visibly a higher risk for the intruder when they can see that the whole street is well protected.

High-Quality homeowners insurance

No matter how much investment you put into security systems on your home, there is still a slight possibility that someone may break in. With a security system, there will be inevitably less damage on your home. This is because with police immediately being notified, they can prevent further damage that may occur without an alarm system.

The damages that do however still occur in your home, will be somewhat compensated by Home Owners Insurance. The great thing about having a security alarm system is that this decreases your monthly payments on insurance. The overall damages that occurred from the burglary will create less financial damage.

Making your home a fortress

Really what this means…. all of the above. If you are to install a security system with signs displayed, while at the same time having security cameras with a light system you make it very unlikely for an intruder to make a decision to invade your home.

With so many different security systems in place, the potential intruder can visibly see that his chances of a successful robbery are very low.  On top of this, if other homeowners in your street have similar systems in place, the intruder is likely to leave your local neighborhood and go somewhere else.

All in all the number one way to prevent burglaries in your home is to have a home security system. However, there are still more measures that you can continue to take to make your home safe. Put the statistics in your favor and have the peace of mind that when you go to work, your home and family will be safe.