Do Camera Systems Make Your Home Safer?

Many times a home alarm installation includes a security camera system. We’ve all seen security cameras staring down on us with their robotic glare from businesses and office buildings all around Palm Springs, CA. But do they really make us that much safer? Should camera systems be part of your home or business security system? Let’s take a look.

The Benefits of Camera Systems

While a camera system doesn’t alert you of a break-in the way an alarm system does, it does give you a huge advantage over any would-be intruders. Being able to see the intruder before they reach the door gives you the upper hand in the confrontation and may even provide the few extra minutes you need to put your security plan into action.

In addition, camera systems are also great to monitor the activities of on-site workers while you’re away from your home or office. Cameras can be strategically placed to give you a complete view of what’s going on without the need to physically be there.

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Standard cameras are placed in a static position and will need to be manually adjusted if you want to record in a different direction. However, advanced cameras are now available that allow you to pan, tilt and zoom. These are great for people that want an extra level of protection from their camera system. They can also be used in or outdoors and are compatible with wall mounts, pendant mounts, parapet mounts and pole mounts for maximum versatility.

As you can imagine, these cameras are perfect for covering areas like parking lots, large yards, entryways and large rooms such as conference rooms. However, they are most commonly used outdoors. Adjustable cameras also work perfectly for tricky places like corners and overhangs.

Camera System Cost and Effectiveness

At this point, you’re probably wondering what all of this security costs in Palm Springs, CA. Actually, there’s a much wider price range than you might think. The lower end systems come in at a few hundred dollars where the higher end systems can go all the way up to several thousand. Generally, the bigger your house is, the more your security system is going to cost since you’re going to need more cameras.

The good news is that these home security systems are fully customizable. You aren’t limited by a package that can only be configured in one way. Also, the cameras can be set to record the footage to your laptop computer, desktop computer or DVR so that they can be watched and analyzed later.

Overall, camera systems are a great addition to any home or business security system. But do they actually deter intruders? Much like window decals or yard signs, a few well-placed cameras will go a great job of deterring intruders.