7 Benefits of a Wireless Home Alarm System

There are many Palm Desert alarm companies, as having an alarm system installed in your home provides you, your family, and your possessions safe from burglars. While you may always think that it will never happen to you, and it might never have happened to you, it can happen to you. Crime rates in different cities fluctuate, so there is no real reason why you shouldn’t have an alarm system installed in your home. I’ll detail a number of the benefits of having a burglar alarm system below.

1 – It protects your valuables

A home alarm system protects your valuable items from being lost from theft. An alarm will sound and scare off those who attempt to burgle your home while also alerting the police or compound security to the attempted theft.

2 – It deters burglars

Having an alarm system in your home lessens your chances of being burgled. Studies have shown that burglars are 2.7 times more likely to target a house without an alarm system. Not only that, residential areas which have a high level of home alarm systems installed have decreased levels of break-ins. This is even true for those houses which do not have an alarm installed.

3 – You’ll always have a house-sitter

Many home alarm companies provide 24/7 surveillance for your property. So when you go on vacation you can be assured that your home will be safe. Without having to worry about finding someone to stay in your house and keeping it clean and tidy.

4 – Your home insurance will be cheaper

Having an alarm system installed in your home lowers your insurance premium. While there will be a monthly charge for your security system, it can lower your home insurance by up to 20%, so it will work out in the long-run. This obviously depends on your insurance provider and where you live, but your home alarm installer will probably have many stories about how the costs came down for their clients.

5 – You can monitor/control what happens in your home

Modern alarm systems allow you remote control access to different aspects of your home. This can include lights, heating, locks, and cameras. So you can potentially set your heating or air conditioning to turn on just before you arrive home. This means you’re guaranteed a comfortable home to return to after a long day.

6 – You can protect your home from fire

Most alarm systems come with a fire and smoke detector installed and these are linked to tie in immediately with the emergency services. This makes calling the fire department even quicker, saving you time, and potentially, your home.

7 – Protect yourself and your family

Likewise, an attempted burglary will immediately be brought to your attention. Any locks that are tampered with or set off will be flagged instantly. Therefore, if you are home and do not hear or see anyone approaching, if they tamper with a lock you will receive a notification to alert you to someone trying to gain access to your home. If you do not verify someone is due to visit, or you do not identify the person, the authorities will be called. This gives elderly or vulnerable people peace of mind over their safety and security.