What Are Panic Alarms and What Do They Do?

Panic alarms are used to warn people of intruders or dangerous situations. They can be easily integrated into an existing home security system in your home or business or installed with a brand new system.

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Should You Buy A Panic Alarm?

If you’re thinking of adding a panic alarm to your home security system, it’s definitely a good way to make your Cathedral City, CA home more secure. Panic alarms can be set to go off when an intruder enters the property or when they try to open the front door. And, as an added bonus, panic alarms will not only alert you of intruders but will also alert your neighbors and scare the intruder away at the same time.

One of the most useful features of a panic alarm system is the ability to call the police, fire department or paramedics at the push of a button. And, these buttons can easily be hidden throughout your house. Drawers, walls, underneath tables or desks, it’s completely up to you. The buttons are easily installed by a professional security company and can give you peace of mind throughout your home or office.

A popular location for a panic button is in the master bedroom. Conveniently placed next to you bed, you can simply reach over and press the button for a few seconds to alert your security company or local authorities to the presence of intruders. Panic alarms can also activate video surveillance to give your security company a visual record of whatever is occurring.

Smoke detectors can also be hooked directly to panic alarms. If one of your smoke detectors goes off, a notification will be sent out and the fire department will be called. Setting up your smoke detectors this way can save you, your pets and your family from an emergency.

How Much Do Panic Alarms Cost?

Panic alarms are very affordable and depending on the quality and features you choose can range in price from $10 to over $1,000 dollars. When you’re shopping for a panic alarm in Cathedral City, CA, keep in mind what you’ll be using it for.

Do you want to add an alarm to your home security system or do you need a complete installation for your business? Discuss your specific requirements with a security professional before making your decision.

We recommend only considering home alarms that are well reviewed and have a reputation for high-quality construction. Why trust your security to anything less?


photo credit: Gord McKenna Palm Springs 2014