Should You Make the Investment in Home Alarm Monitoring

Installing a home alarm system could be costly, but not having one even more so. Reports state that a break in happens once every six seconds. The use of alarm monitoring can help provide you with security and peace of mind to you and your family when you are at home and away. I will share here a few points on why having home alarm monitoring for your system will benefit you.

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The first reason, and in my opinion the best one, is that installing a home alarm system and having it monitored will help with protection against most burglars. You want to make your house less attractive to potential thieves. By adding the alarm monitoring sign to your door or yard you are accomplishing this very thing. Now if they are watching your place and expect you to not be home when they break in the alarm system still has big benefits. Once triggered, the alarm will alert local authorities. Based on the type of home alarm system that you have installed will also determine which additional features will come with that alert call. We will talk more about the features and technology in just a bit. Even though the sign may deter some burglars it won’t work on all. So another aspect of the alarm is that it will act as an early warning signal to those in the house. Allowing them to either exit the building or get to a safe place inside while the authorities are on their way.

What exactly does home alarm monitoring do? This question depends on a few factors. The first one being how much money are you investing into the entire protection system. If you want to just buy a motion detector alarm that goes off when you’re not home, then your alarm system will do just that. This is a very cheap option and may work well for some, but it doesn’t alert anyone but you that there was anything going on at home. Most home alarm monitoring systems and the companies that run them are very reasonable with their pricing. I have seen ranges from less than a dollar a day, to about eighty dollars a month. Each company will bring their own protection to the table to keep you, your family, and your property protected. Most of these comprehensive plans that you purchase will include motion detection, carbon monoxide leaks, smoke, and you can even find ones that detect water heater issues and fire or heat. These companies provide 24/7 observation that will alert you and proper authorities any time it’s needed.

You may ask if fire or carbon monoxide detection as part of your service is worth the cost when you could easily install a fire alarm or carbon monoxide alarm yourself.

The benefit of having the additional protection that a full-scale monitoring system offers is the peace of mind.

If you are sleeping and don’t wake up and hear the alarms going off you could be in serious trouble. In less than thirty seconds a small flame can turn into a big fire. Within a few minutes of the fire turning full-blown, the entire house can be filled with a thick black smoke. This smoke can be so bad it will make it impossible to breathe. And with the destructive nature of fire, time is crucial. Carbon monoxide is a clear, odorless gas that will render you unconscious due to lack of oxygen getting into your brain. Having an EMT, fire truck or ambulance dispatched as soon as anything happens may be the difference between waking up the next morning and not.

So how does home alarm monitoring actually work? After the selected home alarm system is set up at your house, the rest is a simple process. You set the alarm any time you leave the house or retire for the evening. If something is detected then your alarm agent will attempt to contact you. If that attempt is successful, you will be given the option to deny emergency services. Every once in awhile it’s not a burglar, simply your son sneaking back into the house. However, in the event that you are unable to be reached, emergency services will be dispatched. With some of the more advanced systems you can get silent alarms, and remote options as well. A silent alarm is great if you don’t want to alert the intruder to the fact that they will soon be caught. Remote monitoring options will allow you to view things through either a smartphone or computer. This can come in handy if you are driving home from the grocery store, or if it’s raining and want to deactivate your alarm without getting out of your car.

You may also be able to save money on your homeowner’s insurance by having an alarm system. The alarm can save you money in more ways than one. If you are not getting robbed because of your alarm then you won’t lose valuables, your insurance can go down, and because you don’t have to make any claims of theft your premiums can stay down. The peace of mind that comes with home monitoring can also help lessen stress levels and lead to a more positive outlook. With all of the different home alarm monitoring companies out there, you are sure to find one that works within your budget and offers the services and monitoring that fit your needs.

Back to the original question, should you make the investment in home alarm monitoring? The house alarm system itself may not be enough. The safety of you and your family is invaluable. Protection from thieves, fire, carbon monoxide and many other dangers is what an alarm monitoring company has to offer. We all want to be happy, safe, and secure in our homes. Knowing that someone is out there waiting to protect you will give you the peace of mind to sleep sound at night. And with that said, the choice is an easy one to make.
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