Protecting Your Home From Water Damage

Water, it’s an essential part of life. It’s something your body needs to survive, it is not, however, something your home needs to survive. In fact, it can be costly and damaging to your home. You may have thought to have fire sensors placed in your home as a part of your home alarm system, but what about a device that could alert you to the presence of water. Not water from the faucet, but water where it shouldn’t be. There are some home alarm companies in Palm Desert that offer leak-sensor technology. What do these sensors do, and why should you have them placed in and around your home? The answer is not quite as simple as you might think. There are many factors that can lead to water damage; here are a few.


Flooding is the reason most people associate with water damage. Even in the vast dry plains of West Texas there are homes in “flood zones.” As water rises out of creek beds, rivers, or lakes due to excessive rain it creeps right into your home. Damaging things like the foundation, the walls, and precious memorabilia. Homeowners who have leak-sensors will be notified of the encroaching water first before it’s really flooded their home. If you already live in a flood zone, you may be thinking, “don’t they evacuate flood zones during floods.” Sometimes this is the case if the flooding is predicted to be bad enough to call for it, but sometimes in cases near playa lakes or on low-lying land flash flooding can occur. There is no warning of flash flooding unless your home has a leak-sensor installed as part of your home alarm system. This first alert can give you time to get your memorabilia and get out before the flooding gets too bad, and there are alarm companies in Palm Springs that offer this very service. They have qualified technicians that can both install and monitor your home to send that first alert, and provide you with a head start.

Other Exterior Water Issues

Other than flooding there are a few other external factors involving water, which can cause foundational damage. Having leak-sensors placed strategically around your home will notify you in the event of a water main leak into your yard or a sewage backup. You may think that because it’s in the yard it won’t be as costly, but that would be incorrect. At times it can become more expensive. A water main break can cost in both an excessive water bill and a repair bill. In the case of a sewage leak, professionals must be called in for clean-up and repair, due to the toxic nature of the spill. Both these things can threaten the foundation of your home as well, so let the Palm Springs alarm companies monitor the exterior of your home, and avoid costly repairs.

Interior Water Issues

Palm Desert Home Security systems offer full leak-sensing protection, from the aforementioned exterior to the interior of your home. Not all burst pipes are outside, and not all damage is created equally. Here are a few scenarios a home alarm system equipped with leak-sensors can help defend your home against.

Pipes Gone Awry

While natural disaster type flooding is most commonly associated with water damage, the more likely culprit will be a burst pipe somewhere in your home. Think of all the places you have pipes carrying water.  To the dishwasher, all the sinks, the washing machine, the toilets, the bathtubs, and even the pipes carrying water to the outside of your house; any of these pipes are subject to bursting or cracking, causing thousands of dollars worth of water damage to your home. The people at Water Damage Defense conducted a survey, and they estimate the average cost of repair due to water damage in a home is a little over six grand. Palm Desert security companies can help prevent this being a cost you have to endure by installing leak-sensors in the places where they will be most effective. A qualified technician will survey your home and talk with you about the best placement, to ensure you don’t incur this cost.

Slow Leaks

Pipes don’t always burst in a big dramatic way causing immediate flooding. It’s more likely that one cracks first and causes slow gradual damage. This can sometimes be worse than flooding or bursting because it affects a greater area. A slow leak can cause damage anywhere from the floor and drywall to the wiring; it can even cause the buildup of mold. Mold can be expensive to remove, and wiring is expensive to replace, so safeguard your home by having the alarm companies in Palm Desert place leak-sensors where they will do the most good. Having a leak-sensor will ensure you are the first to know when moisture levels are not normal inside the walls of your home.

Avoid the hassle that water damage brings with it, gain peace of mind and defense against expensive repairs. Whether it’s a slow leak inside your home, a dramatic burst pipe, or an exterior issue, Palm Desert home security system companies have a leak-sensor system that will work to protect your home.