26 Home Safety and Security Tips for Your Family

We don’t only strive to be the best Palm Springs alarm company, we want to be your partner in home safety and security. There are many ways to keep your home, family, and personal information secure. These tips will help protect your valuables, privacy and maybe even your life.

To deter home burglaries:

  1. Installing an alarm system for home is the number one deterrent.
  2. Place alarm system signage visible in your yard or windows.
  3. Use deadbolts on all doors and keep them locked, even when home.
  4. Install extra security strike plates for all doors.
  5. Windows and glass doors made of a shatter-resistant material, such as tempered glass or polycarbonate, help prevent burglars from literally “breaking in”.
  6. Windows and Sliding Doors should have secondary locking mechanisms. (However, make sure these windows and doors open from the inside easily, in case of fire or other emergencies.)
  7. Going on vacation? Avoid posting vacation pictures on social media while away from home. Let a trustworthy neighbor if you are going out of town. Have that neighbor collect any newspapers or deliveries from your property while you are away.
  8. Going to be away for an extended period of time? Have your yard maintenance kept up with during that time.

To protect your home from fires:

  1. Ensure smoke detectors are placed in ideal locations throughout the house. Check the batteries and alarm test buttons regularly.
  2. Appliances should follow the manufacturer’s clearance suggestions (i.e. 4 inches away from the wall to ensure proper ventilation and cooling).
  3. Equip your home with a fire extinguisher and have it checked regularly.
  4. Ensure all outlets and power strips are only used for their recommended electrical output.
  5. Ensure all electrical equipment used outdoors (extension cords, lighting, etc.) are cleared for outside use by the manufacturer.
  6. Ensure grills and fire pits are kept at a safe distance from your home or any structures connected to your home. (At least ten feet is recommended).
  7. Have your home’s electrical systems checked regularly.

To protect personal information:

  1. Keep all important documents locked in a safe.
  2. Install a mailbox with a lock and retrieve mail daily.
  3. If you have a home voicemail, keep it silent so personal information is not heard over speakers.
  4. Don’t leave unnecessary personal information in your car.

Miscellaneous Safety Tips and Tricks:

  1. Install a carbon monoxide detector. Check the batteries and alarm test buttons regularly.
  2. Thorny bushes, such a roses, grown under windows can deter potential burglars.
  3. A “Beware of Dog” sign is a great deterrent (even if you don’t own a guard dog!).
  4. If your car has an alarm, keep it alarmed at all times.
  5. Install a doorbell with a built-in camera.
  6. Join your neighborhood’s Neighborhood Watch program, if existing (or start one!).
  7. Have an emergency plan set in place for yourself and your family. Review your plans regularly.

As the best Palm Springs alarm company, we know that family and/or home security is one of the highest concerns for homeowners. Don’t let your family or property be the victim of a home invasion, identity theft, or preventable disasters. After implementing home security systems, hardware and routines, make sure you utilize them consistently. Set reminders to go over your safety and security checklists. Review safety and security measures with your family frequently. Check in with neighbors and share any suspicious activity with them. Eyes and ears are a great line of defense against home invasions and tragedies.