How to Protect Your Home From a Fire?

There is no home security protection without fire protection.

In order to protect your home from a fire, there are a variety of things that you can do to create your very own fire protection system. Like most cities across RiversideĀ county, the majority of homes here in Palm Springs, CA are equipped with smoke detectors. However, that is just the beginning of a comprehensive fire system.

A complete fire alarm system will often include smoke detectors, alarms, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. Each system should be custom designed and should take into consideration the age of your home, your building material, fire risk due to your home’s surroundings, bedroom location, and access, etc.

Given the complexity of designing an effective fire system, it’s important to work with a professional alarm consultant who will consider all of the above factors and the budget you’re working with.

Regardless of the size of the system you design, there are a few key factors that should be included in any good fire protection system.

A fire extinguisher is fire prevention basic and all homes should have one. Look for a high-quality fire extinguisher in an appropriate size for your space and with easy to read instructions. It’s important that the fire extinguisher is placed in an accessible area and that all adults in the house know how to use it.

Smoke detectors are common in most homes, but many homeowners fail to maintain this first line of defense against fire. Units should be tested regularly and batteries changed at least once every year.

Next on the list of priorities is a sprinkler system. Sprinklers are often easy and inexpensive items to add to new construction and they may make all the difference in protecting your family and your belongings from fire. Sprinklers are required in most commercial buildings and home use is becoming more common.

You should also consider investing in a high-quality fire safe for your valuable documents, photos or any currency you keep in your home. Fire safes come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate your specific needs.

Many homeowners in Palm Springs, CA are choosing to install fire systems along with their home security systems and alarm systems. This can often reduce installation and design costs while increasing the value of their home.

So take a few moments and think about your current fire protection system. Are your home and family adequately protected from fire? Only you can decide.


photo credit: Matt. Create. On the Road from Antalya to Kemer via photopin (license)