3 Ways to Check Your New Home For Safety

You’ve finally signed on your new home, and moved all of your belongings in. Are you certain your new home is as safe as it could be? Do you have a security system installed? If not Palm Desert Alarm Companies can install a personalized one for you. Aside from having a home alarm system, there are some general things you should do to check your new home for safety before you unpack everything.

Check Everything

From electrical systems to water, to heating, and cooling systems, there are several places which can cause safety issues in your new home. Even though an inspector did an inspection on your home before you purchased it, you should still check these things when you move in. When you inspect each of these systems, try to familiarize yourself with them. Learn which breakers control which elements in each room. Learn which walls have water lines behind them, and how to shut off water to the house should you need to. Learn where the vents are for the cooling system, this way you can avoid obstructing them.  By doing this you will also have a good idea of where to start if in the future something goes awry. Make a note of whether your home alarm system has heat and moisture sensors placed appropriately, and if they are not in the correct places the folks over at Palm Desert Alarm company can help you remedy this.

Change the Keys and do Some Updates

While you were given a set of keys when you purchased your home, it’s best to update all the locks. You never know who may have had keys given to them by the previous owner. It’s best to be safe, and give the locks an update. While you’re updating locks now is the perfect time to check into alarm companies. You will want to make sure your home has the best alarm system it can have to keep you, and your family safe. The experts at residential security system companies palm desert can help install a state of the art system to go with your new home. If it already has an alarm go ahead and call an alarm company to come out, check it over, and give it an update as well.

Create a Plan

Think about what you would do in case of an emergency. Have an evacuation plan in place. Know where the safest places in your home would be in case of severe weather. Also, know where the best place would be to keep fire extinguishers? You should have a fire extinguisher on every floor and keep in a location that is easily accessible. If you have a larger floor plan, consider having multiple extinguishers on the same floor.

Congratulations on your new home. Make sure your family and home are as safe as they can possibly be. Check everything for the sake of safety. If updates need to be made, or an alarm system needs to be installed, call the professionals at Palm Desert alarm companies.